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Who Needs a Heart Transplant, Results and Complications

A heart transplant is the replacement of the person’s diseased heart with a donor’s healthy heart. The donor generally is the person who has died and whose family has agreed to donate their loved one’s organs. Herat disease in many people is preventable and treatable with lifestyle changes medication and devices. However for some patients […]

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Recovery Heart Surgery After Benefits

The first phase which covers your stay in the hospital for heart surgery recovery may last from 6 to 8 weeks. After you are released from the hospital you will get set of instruction from your surgeon. This will help you to heal physically well and feel better. Wound: Keep the wound or the cut […]

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What Happens Immediately After the Heart Surgery

Immediately after the heart surgery, you will be transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU). You will be usually with a breathing tube still in place. Your anesthesia will still be showing signs. So first when you wake up you will wake up in ICU. While you are in ICU the staff and nurses looking […]

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