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LFT Test Price In Delhi (NCR) | Home Sample Collection

Liver Function Test  A Liver Function Test (LFT) consists of a series of blood tests commonly done to assess liver function. These tests analyze the levels of enzymes and proteins generated by the liver, like bilirubin and albumin. It is recommended to undergo the test if you experience symptoms of liver issues, such as dark […]

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What is the most important precaution for pneumonia patients?

Pneumonia is an infection caused by both bacteria and virus. It attacks the air sacs in one of both lungs. The infected sac(s) may fill with phlegm and cause cough and difficulty in breathing.

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5 things that make Norovirus a deadly infection

With winter starts flu season when people start getting hit by influenza and norovirus a.k.a. winter vomiting virus or stomach flu. But doctors often focus more on influenza partly because vaccines are available to prevent this virus.

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Clinical BP Measurement: You Could be Missed Diagnosed or Missed Diagnosis For Hypertension

Are you being diagnosed of hypertension? If yes, then you could be missed diagnosed. A study related to blood pressure found that nearly 42% Indians are either wrongly diagnosed for BP and prescribed medicines or not diagnosed and living with hypertension without treatment.

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What Should You Know About Your Sleep Cycle and Sleeping Position?

How much sleep do you take in a day? Some people feel fresh even after taking 5 to 6 hours but some need up to 8 hours of sleep and some people require more than 8 hours sleep.

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