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What is the most important precaution for pneumonia patients?

Updated on December 30, 2019      Admin

Pneumonia is an infection caused by both bacteria and virus. It attacks the air sacs in one of both lungs. The infected sac(s) may fill with phlegm and cause cough and difficulty in breathing.

Pneumonia could be mild to life-threatening depending on the age and overall health condition of a patient. For example, it is a serious condition for infants, young kids, septuagenarians and those with heart ailments.

Pneumonia is curable with early detection and proper treatment that includes medication and people are advised to take medicines until they the infection is fully cured. But most patients make a mistake that is they start missing doses once they feel better.

Pneumonia could come back

If left uncured, the infection could redevelop in lungs and the second time, it could be resistant to the treatment. Pneumonia patients have to be very careful with their treatment.

Try managing the symptoms like high fever and cough by following these steps:

  • Take NSAIDs like ibuprofen and naproxen to control fever. You can even take aspirin or acetaminophen but never give aspirin to children.
  • Drinking plenty of fluid would bring up the phlegm by removing the secretions.
  • Avoid taking medicines for cough because coughing is the way human body tries to control infection. But if coughing is preventing you from taking rest, you should ask your doctor to prescribe a cough syrup.
  • Drinking warm beverages and taking steamy baths are some of the ways to open airways to ease breathing. Or you can use a humidifier. In case, you see no improvement in breathing, you should visit your doctor.
  • Rest in a smoke-free environment because smoke won’t let your lungs heal properly. If you do smoke, it could be a good time to quit smoking.
  • Get lots of rest. If you are a homemaker, you should call someone to help in your daily chores. Employed persons and school children should take leave.


Recovering from pneumonia

Depending on your age and overall health, you could take time from one week to a month to fully recover from pneumonia. In most cases, people are allowed to return to their normal life within a week but they should continue taking rest and medicines until they get rid of infection.

If you are taking antibiotics, your doctor would suggest doing x-ray examination of your chest after you are done with prescription. The x-ray would show that the infection is gone and that you are fit to return to your normal routine.