Coronary Angioplasty

What is Coronary Angiography?

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Coronary Angioplasty is a treatment that is used to cure the coronary heart disease. This is the treatment which uses special dye and X rays which produce the image of the inside part of the diseased coronary artery. The function of coronary arteries is to supply oxygenated blood to the heart muscles. The clotting in these arteries weakens the muscles of heart and may lead to heart failure or problem of skipped heart beat.

What is Coronary Heart Disease?

Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease is the cardiac problem which occurs when a plaque or a waxy substance builds inside the walls of coronary arteries. The buildup of the plaque substance leads to blood clotting on its surface which is called atherosclerosis.  And it creates problem in the blood flow through the arteries. The plaque can form on the walls of the arteries due to high cholesterol collection and there can be building up of certain cells or other type of waxy substance.

This is one of the major cause of heart attack and other deadly heart problems. This plaque can also become huge and hard and can become fatal to the patient.

A Glimpse at the Coronary Angiography the Test

Coronary Angiography

Coronary Angiography is a test during which the special dye is made to release in the blood and it helps in getting the image of the plaque which has build up on the walls of coronary arteries. This process is also known as cardiac catheterization of putting dye into the coronary arteries. This process produces the image of the plaque in the artery on X ray pictures.

During this process a thin tube which is called catheter is inserted in the blood vessels through the arm, upper thigh or it can be the neck portion. The tube is stringed with the coronary arteries and the special dye is inserted in the blood vessels.

Under this process, the patient is mostly awake and is not given anesthesia. The process is not much painful and has very rare serious complications.

How should I know if I need to undergo this test?


There are many heart patients or patients who doubt the heart disease due to chest pain, discomfort in upper body, short breath and fatigue. The symptoms of the heart diseases can be similar to one another but to know if you need to undergo Coronary Angiography, you should first get the MRI scan or the X ray image of the chest anatomy. It will help you to know which kind of heart disease you are facing and what kind of further test and treatment you would require.

If the doctor will find blockage or cist in the coronary artery then he will advise you to undergo Coronary Angiography. The test will help the doctor to under the magnitude of the blockage and which treatment is possible. The disease can be at the initial stage which could be cured with medication and other simple treatments and if the buildup of plaque is huge then you might have to through some other treatment.

What are the consequences if Coronary Angiography is ignored?

If the person will not go for the coronary angiography test then there are high chances that person will have to suffer with blood clots in the coronary arteries. These clots can proved to be fatal to the patient as it can lead to heart attack and heart stroke.


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