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All About Allergies – Symptoms & Types step-by-step

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All About Allergies – Symptoms & Types

The response of the immune system of the body to any foreign substance that could not harm the body is an allergy. The foreign substance that is responsible for the allergy is called allergens. They can include things like pollen, pet dander or certain food.

The job of the immune system is to keep the body healthy by fighting harmful pathogens. It does this by attacking anything it thinks could be a danger for the body. Depending on the allergen this response may involve inflammation, sneezing or a host of other symptoms. Your immune, in general, adjusts to the environment. Actually, whenever anybody encounters dander it should immediately know that is a harmless thing but the body perceives it as an outside invader threatening the body and attacks it.

Symptoms of allergies

The symptoms you experience because of allergies are the product of any reason.  These include the type of allergy. If you will consume some anti-allergy pills anticipating allergy then you still will experience some symptoms but that may be reduced.

Food allergies

Food allergies

Food allergies can trigger symptoms like swelling, hives, nausea, fatigue and more. It may take a while for a person to actually realize that they have a food allergy. If you have something serious after the meal and you are not sure why you are advised to see a medical specialized person immediately. They can find the origin of your allergy or can ask you to see a medical specialist.

Seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergies

Hay fever symptoms can be just like a cold. They include congestion, running nose, and swollen eyes. You can manage this allergy by consuming some over-the-counter medicine available at stores. See the doctor it the symptoms are unmanageable.

Severe allergies can cause anaphylaxis. This is life-threatening emergencies that can lead to a breathing problem, lightheadedness and loss of consciousness. If any such thing you see then contact the doctor immediately.

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Skin allergies

Skin allergies

They also may be due to the direct result of exposure to an allergen. Contac dermatitis is the result of your skin coming into direct contact with an allergen. This could happen if you touch somewhat you are allergic to such as plant or some detergent cleaning product.

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Eyes Allergies

Eyes Allergies

eye allergies, also known as allergic conjunctivitis, can cause discomfort and impair vision. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various aspects of eye allergies, understanding their causes, prevention methods, and effective treatments.

Types of Eye Allergies

  1. Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis (SAC)
  2. Perennial Allergic Conjunctivitis (PAC)
  3. Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC)
  4. Contact Allergic Conjunctivitis

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Identifying eye allergies is crucial for effective management. Look out for symptoms such as redness, itching, tearing, and swelling. An allergist or ophthalmologist can perform tests to diagnose the specific allergen triggering your symptoms.


Summarize the key points discussed in the article, emphasizing the importance of awareness, early diagnosis, and proper management of allergies for a better quality of life.


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