Knee Replacement Surgery

When it is the right time to go for Knee Replacement Surgery?

Updated on January 7, 2017      Admin

Your doctor can best suggest you whether it’s the time or not. However, one must be aware that delaying the knee replacement surgery is unwise, if at all you need it. Find out when it is the right time to go for surgery. Check if you are facing these symptoms and consult the doctor for surgery:

  • Knee stiffening and excessive pain: If your knee get stiffed while coming out of car or any position where you have sat for long. If you are facing excessive pain during and after doing exercise then you must take the matter seriously. Stiffening of knee is the important sign that must be taken notice of.
  • Pain in knee during rainy weather: If you are detecting pain in your knees during rain or such climate then it also the symptom of extreme issue with your knees.
  • Swollen Knees: Are you observing swelling in your knees along with pain and stiffness? Yes, this could be another symptom that signals you to consult doctor. Swelling in knees is not common in general pain and if you are witnessing it, take the matter seriously.
  • Morning stiffness: If you observe stiffness in your knees and difficulty in getting up from your bed in morning that lasts for 30 or more seconds then it important to consult your doctor immediately.
  • Grating of joints: If you are suffering from grating in joints, which means breakdown of cartilage then you should consult doctor for knee replacement surgery.
  • Accidents and Heavy Injury: If you have suffered an accident that has led upon serious injury on the bone of your knee, the replacement surgery is suggested.

When to not go for knee replacement surgery?

You might be suffering seriously with knee pain and other related issues but surgery is not what you need. Firstly, if your thigh joints are weak and are not capable enough to support the new knee, then you should not go for surgery.

You must consult this with doctor first and get the reports of thigh muscles.

Also if you have ulcers or deep open sores in skin, you should not opt for surgery as it will increase the risk of infection.