Breast Cancer

How to recognize the symptoms of breast cancer

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The look and feel of breast health are very significant. It is important to take the regular screening test of breast cancer and even, the number of times the mammogram is not able to find cancer in the breast. So, you have to notice all the changes in the health of breast and also aware of the signs as well as symptoms of breast cancer.

A new lump or mass is one of the most common symptoms behind breast cancer. A hard mass, no pain at all, but has unbalanced edges is expected to be cancer. But on the other side, breast cancer would be sometimes gentle, round as well as spongy. It can also painful. Due to such reasons, it is vital to be checked by as killed professional in the field of health and have any new mass or lump in the breast and if any changes noticed in breast.


Symptoms of Invasive breast cancer

Few symptoms of Invasive breast cancer include

  • Lump or mass in the breast
  • Even no lump or mass is felt, then swelling in any particular part or all the breast
  • Irritation in the skin of the breast
  • Pain in nipple or breast
  • Retraction of the Nipple
  • Redness on nipple or thickness in nipple
  • Discharge of nipple

Symptoms of Ductal Carcinoma

No symptom is caused by the Ductal Carcinoma in situ (DCIS). In some exceptional cases, a woman feels a lump in the breast or having discharge in the nipple. On the other side, a mammogram can easily detect the cases of DCIS.

Symptoms of Lobular Carcinoma

As usual, no symptom caused by Lobular Carcinoma in Situ and even, cannot be detected with the help of a mammogram but the condition can be recognized when a doctor is doing normal check-up or biopsy of the breast for some other reason. If a person is affected by this type of breast cancer, then the cells of the breast will not be normal under a microscope.


symptoms of lobular carcinoma

Symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Here are some of the symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer are

  • Lumps on the breast but it may not detect by a mammogram
  • Redness, swelling, and itchiness in the breast that is a warm touch
  • The appearance of the breast is rutted or ribbed which is similar to an orange peel
  • Heavy and burn on a breast
  • The difference in the size of the breast as one is large than other
  • Nipples are inverted
  • There is no mass in one breast
  • Symptoms are not solved even after a course of medications

Symptoms of Metastatic Breast Cancer


metastatic breast cancer


Depend on the part of the body; the symptoms of this cancer have spread. There are various stages of this one. Few symptoms are as follow:

  • The wall of a chest or breast is extremely affected and include spin and discharge in nipple and thickness in the breast.
  • Due to the high level of calcium, the bones get affected and there are pain, fractures, and constipation.
  • If there is a tumor formation in the lungs, then it causes the problem in breathing, coughing, pain in the chest wall and high fatigue.

So, it is vital to aware of all the symptoms and if you notice, then counsel a doctor for determining in depth.


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