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Shoulder Joint Replacement Myths and Facts

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There are many people who think if they are younger than 50 years than they are too young for the shoulder replacement surgery. Some people get their notion from their doctors. Others pick it up from family and friends. But that is simply not the case anymore. With latest techniques and procedures there is no such thing. Let’s learn what are such common myths and facts about the joint replacement surgery:

Myth No. 1: If you are under 50, you are too young to have joint replacement surgery.

Fact – the doctors today do not use any specific age to determine whether a patient is a good candidate for shoulder replacement surgery. Instead, the decision entirely depends on the level of disability and pain the patients are experiencing during that period of time.

If you are under 50, you are too young to have joint replacement surgery

During the olden period the parts used had a limited lifespan. But now due to new technology which has advanced we have the better durability of replaced implants, so it can be comfortably used for the younger patients also. So there is no use of suffering through years of pain just because you are young.

Myth No. 2: If you have the joint replaced, you will perhaps say goodbye to sports.

Fact- rather significantly restricting the patient’s activity, joint replacement makes it easier for people to be active in low-impact sports. The goal of the surgery definitely is not to get the patients back to activities like playing old or tennis but the goal is painless joint with the good functionality of normal daily routine activities.

If you have the joint replaced, you will perhaps say goodbye to sports

The high impact sports like long distance running and baseball that patients should avoid because these activities decrease the life of replacement joints.

Myth No. 3: Joint replacement surgery means a long hospital stay.

Fact- twenty years ago it was a normal bustle to stay in the hospital about 10 days after the surgery, but today the average stay of the patients of the joint replacement surgery is 2-3 days.

Joint replacement surgery means a long hospital stay

With the improvement in technology and better patients care, hospital stays are significantly shorter. And getting to home is like getting a warmer and healthier environment for further recovery.

Myth No. 4: you should wait as long as possible before going for joint replacement surgery.

Fact-waiting for long period of time can make things worse. If your pain is so extreme that it is hindering your ability to walk, then you are not keeping your muscles strong. This could actually hamper your recovery process. As per the doctors, today waiting too long is not good for the patients. Actually, they are waiting and their quality of life is declining due to pain. So go for surgery and improve their outcomes.

Myth No. 5: Joint replacement surgery is highly invasive.

Fact – some patients think that during the process of surgery the doctors actually remove the entire knee but actually speaking that are taking a minimum amount of bones and are inserting the new implants. It consists of a metal cap, a metal base plate and a piece of plastic in between which will act as the cartilage.  Surgeon use less-invasive techniques and smaller incision to perform the replacement.


understanding the realities of shoulder joint replacement is crucial for anyone considering this procedure. By debunking these myths and presenting the facts, individuals can make well-informed decisions about their health and well-being. If you or a loved one is contemplating shoulder joint replacement, consult with a healthcare professional to discuss your options and create a tailored plan for a healthier, pain-free future.

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