Kidney Transplant Procedure and Everything you Should Know

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The transplantation  kidney is a surgery that is performed to replace the kidney which is diseased with the one which is not harmful from a donor. It may come from the living or deceased organ donor. It is known as a living transplant. People who donate can live healthy even with one kidney.


Kidney Transplant

A person who gets transplant only gets one kidney. Only on some occasions, she or he might get two kidneys from the deceased donor. The organ that gets transplanted gets placed in the lower abdomen on the front of the body.

Why might you need a kidney transplant?

You might go through the kidney transplant if you are in end stage. This is the permanent condition of failure of the kidney.

Why might you need a kidney transplant

It needs dialysis often. It is the procedure which is used to remove all the substances and wastes from the blood.

What are the risks of getting a kidney transplant?

With any surgical procedure, complications also take place. Some of the difficulties consist of:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Blockage of urine in the ureter.
  • Blockage in blood vessels to the new kidney.
  • Lack of functions of the new kidney at first.

The new kidney might get rejected. It is the usual reaction of the body to the tissue or foreign object. When the new kidney get transplanted into the body of the recipient, immunization system reacts to what it thinks as a danger and then attack the new organ.


For the transplanted organ to survive, it is essential to take the medications to trick the system into accepting the transplantation and not attacking as if it is the foreign object.

How to get prepared for the kidney transplant?

Tests need to be done before you can get placed on the list of transplant. The team of a kidney transplant carry out the evaluation process for the kidney.

How to get prepared for the kidney transplant

The team consists of a transplant nephrologist, a transplant surgeon, a social worker, transplant nurses, a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Some of the other members include a chaplain, dietician or anesthesiologist.

What needs to be done to prevent rejection?

To allow transplanted kidney to survive in the body, you will be given medicines for the rest of your life. Every person reacts differently.

The new anti-rejection medications are made and approved. Your health providing team will tell about all the medicines that will also meet your needs.

Some of the infections that you might get include herpes, yeast infection and viruses related to respiratory. It is essential to stay away from the crowd for few weeks.


Kidney transplant is not merely a medical procedure; it is a lifeline for individuals battling kidney failure. By providing a new kidney and a renewed sense of hope, transplant surgery enables patients to regain control over their lives and pursue their dreams.

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