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There Are 20 Ways Of Controlling Hypertension Naturally

Updated on June 10, 2019      Admin

Hypertension is more a lifestyle related problem then a medical condition emerging from other factors like bacteria, virus and accidents. And this condition can be controlled by making lifestyle changes.

Here’re 20 natural ways to keep your blood pressure at normal level

  1. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that physical activity controls blood pressure level. The more active you are, the low blood pressure you have. For activity, you can take to stairs instead of escalators, do gardening and find try walking as much as possible.
  1. Reduce your sodium intake because salt is linked to high blood pressure and heart conditions.
  1. Keep a tab over your drinking habit. Alcohol triggers blood pressure to high levels.
  1. Potassium rich food like vegetables, fruits, dairy products, fish and nuts and seeds eases blood pressure by flushing out sodium from body.
  1. Cut down your caffeine intake as caffeine also triggers blood pressure.
  1. Learn to manage stress because stress builds pressure resulting in hypertension.
  1. Start eating dark chocolate or cocoa but in small amounts. Rich in flavonoids and plant compounds, cocoa dilates blood vessels.
  1. Never put on excess weight because obesity increases blood pressure.
  1. Quit smoking, if you do because tobacco contains chemicals that damage blood vessels.
  1. Cut refined carbs especially added sugar as it rapidly converts into sugar in bloodstream.
  1. Eat berries. Rich in polyphenols, these juicy fruits can help control blood sugar in the long run.
  1. With meditation and deep breathing techniques, you can activate the parasympathetic nervous system that keeps the body in relaxed condition all the time.
  1. Increase calcium intake in your diet because calcium deficiency leads to high blood pressure.
  1. Taking natural supplements like aged garlic extract and hibiscus flowers could help in reducing blood pressure.
  1. Eat magnesium rich foods because this mineral relaxes blood vessels.
  1. Get proper rest that is the most important thing for body. Sleeping less than 7 hours and more than 9 hours results in hypertension.
  1. Consider taking acupuncture therapy. In China, this therapy is used for curing hypertension.
  1. Lovemaking is an activity that releases oxytocin that is said to be helpful in lowering the risk of cardiovascular stress.
  1. Become spiritual in faith and belief because people involved in religious activities are generally free from hypertension.
  1. Avoid pollution as much as possible because exposure to pollutants like lead, mercury and cadmium has negative effect on cardiovascular organs.