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OPD Health Care Delivery – A Challenging Landscape in India?

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OPD Health Care Delivery

If compared to other countries, India is a country to rely on for affordable healthcare facilities. With progression reaching new heights every day, India continues to disseminate the scope of wider healthcare facilities. However, Indians still continue to grapple with exorbitant expenses they are liable to pay after being hospitalized or for resorting to treatment. Let’s understand further how much an average Indian spends on treatment as a part of medical expenses.

Health Care Delivery


Comprehending Medical Expenses In India 

If we were to look at the expenses of decades back, we can easily figure out the struggle poor and middle-class person has to go through to fulfill their medical needs. Let’s have a look at some of the recent reports depicting medical expenses in India.

  • As per a survey done by the national sample survey office, the expenses of people on healthcare have drastically increased from 6.6% to 6.9% in 2004-05 in rural India and increased from 8.2% to 8.5% in 2020-2021 in urban areas.
  • The situations of Indians are vulnerable when it comes to medical expenses out of pocket. As compared to other Asian countries, more than 75% of Indians are helpless to spend on medical expenses, compromising on their daily needs. The reports of WHO also put emphasis on deficient facilities on medical care that even after spending hefty money on health, they are not able to access healthcare facilities easily.
  • Medical costs have also risen from 6.8% in 2014 to 10.2% approximately in 2021

People Bearing The Cost Of Expenses Through Their Pocket

The suffering of Indians seems to nowhere stop with medical expenses going beyond monthly expenses in the majority of cases. Millions of people across India are battling to get good medical facilities. Let alone getting hospitalized for advanced medical facilities, many of them have to wait in disappointment to even get much-needed OPD service which if offered optimally can decrease the chances of excess treatment bills.

Every year four crore people in India are pushed to the poverty line due to unaffordable medical facilities and overcharged medical billing. It is high time to provide people with the medical services they need and also think about the livelihood that they are hardly able to retain.

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Factors Causing Medical Expenses To Surge In India

Health Care Delivery

Lack of economical healthcare facilities makes individuals think about the alternative to getting primary health care at the earliest. The reasons of higher-cost medical care are as follows:

  1. Wasting Time In Public Healthcare And Getting Admitted To A Private Hospital

Only the term ‘assurance’ is heard from the government but medical facilities and sluggish staff service wreak the process. Government medical facilities are comparatively cheaper than that of private hospitals but instant treatment with a higher possibility of improvement in private hospitals makes people get inclined to it. They have to unwillingly go to private hospitals to get trusted service from highly trained staff and doctors.

  1. Advanced Medical Technologies 

Advancements in medical technology provide people with better medical care and safeguard patient safety, as a result, they have to pay higher prices from their pocket to avail these services.

  1. Cost Of Healthcare Staff

Hiring trained and expert healthcare staff call for higher costs to smoothen complex medical procedures. The salary of technicians, staff, and specialized doctors is significantly higher than you expect combined with the cost of consultation fees and diagnostic testing.

  1. Higher Cost Of Specialty Drugs And Higher Medical Billing

The continuous efforts put in by pharmaceutical companies to increase the efficacy of drugs are increasing the cost of the medicines with each passing year, which leads to higher medical billing due to perpetual medical consumption.


What Is The Solution To Minimize Out Of The Pocket Expenses?

Healthcare costs will continue to rise and with better and advanced medical facilities, medical expenses are bound to go up. Moreover, there are other ways to deal with such dilemmas that people should ponder over. The growth in the advancement of medicines, machinery, equipment, timely healthcare delivery, and quality medical procedures undoubtedly adds up to the expenses. India has a long way to go in order to cater to the health needs of people, especially in remote areas.

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