hifu Preparation of HIFU Procedure
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Preparation of HIFU Procedure

The HIFU gadget is comprised of 2 modules – the control module which permits the doctor to arrange and oversee the electronic framework and the patient treatment module.

The control display contains an automated endo-rectal test which is guided by the modernized framework. The test is mounted on a versatile support with mechanical developments that empower the modernized gadget to consequently and absolutely move the test amid treatment to treat the focused on zones of the prostate.

HIFU preparation-The ultrasound generator and coordinated examining gear are on the finish of the test. A spinal analgesic with intravenous sedation is directed before treatment starts. The patient will rests on his correct hand side for the term of the treatment procedure. The automated test is secured with a degassed fluid filled inflatable. The test is then greased up and embedded through the rear end into the rectum. The test is situated close to the prostate so the ultrasound treatment can start.

Before the course of surgical operation-

The main period of the treatment procedure starts with a top quality sweep of the prostate utilizing the 7.5 MHz imaging transducer.

The urologist then arranges the treatment starting with the restriction of the prostate summit and the rectal divider to characterize the right sore stature and separation from the rectal divider.

3-dimensional picture of the prostate is then reproduced by the modernized framework. The doctor utilizes this photo to arrange the treatment and characterize the zone to be dealt with by the robot. The prostate picture is partitioned into a progression of characterized squares and the PC programming ascertains the fitting number of injuries. The 3.0 MHz test ascertains a customizable removal volume (add up to volume 29 mm3 to 36 mm3 (front to back).

During the course of surgical operation-

Once the treatment plan is finished, the shooting period of the treatment can start. The prostate can be dealt with in a solitary go with the sore tallness go from 19mm to 26mm (front back separation). 400 to 800 contiguous injuries are required to cover the whole prostate volume.

The mechanical test then creates a high force centered ultrasound bar like clockwork to consequently do the urologists directions. The ultrasound shaft wrecks a little piece of the prostate with extraordinary accuracy (to inside a couple of millimeters.)

HIFU treatment venture by the step, the tissue in the focused on zones is obliterated with extreme, quick, exceedingly confined warmth. Every ultrasound shot is oval molded, measuring up to 26mm high by 2mm or less in width. The procedure proceeds until the greater part of the focused on territories are dealt with. Contingent upon the volume of the prostate, the treatment can last 2 to 2 ½ hours.

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