hifu Disadvantage and Side Effects of HIFU?
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Disadvantage of HIFU

Most imperative, HIFU is not FDA endorsed.

HIFU is performed without the advantage of ongoing, direct perception. Like other prostate growth medicines, for example, CyberKnife® radiation, pre-treatment from PSA testing, prostate biopsy, CT outputs, and continuous imaging are utilized by specialists to estimate the objective for the ultrasound.

Tragically, the information accessible before treatment can be extremely restricted and is not generally exact. It is not until the prostate is seen direct amid mechanical surgery, and tried after surgery, that the genuine reach out of the prostate malignancy is known.

The kind of prostate malignancy, the shape and size of the tumor, and the correct area can’t be built up with unquestionably from biopsy and examines, or from computer imaging. Surgery additionally bears the chance to completely survey the status of the lymph hubs and the original vesicles for any nearness of growth.

What are the side effects of HIFU?

  • Erectile dysfunction and additionally 30-70% of patients suffers from sexual ineptitude.
  • Discharge issues, including conceivable retrograde (inward) discharge
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Urinary recurrence and consuming
  • Rectal divider damage from test
  • Rectal incontinence, consuming, and dying
  • Prostate disease
  • Catheter required for up to 4 weeks taking after treatment.
  • Danger of repeat or prostate growth spread between medications.
  • HIFU dangers are expanded each time the technique is performed.
Advantages of HIFU
hifu Advantages of HIFU

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Preparation of HIFU Procedure
hifu Preparation of HIFU Procedure

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