General Health,health tips What Makes Eyes Appear Red and How to Treat the Problem?
Updated on June 9, 2019      Admin

Next time you see redness in your eyes, you will take it seriously and try finding the right reason for the redness after going through the 8 reasons for redness in eyes.

  1. Red eyes could be a sign of an allergic reaction occurring due to an overactive immune system. But the redness would go away once the exposure to allergen like dust, pollen and pet dander ends. For quick relief, you can splash your eyes with cold water or take medicines on the advice of a medical practitioner.

2.Conjunctivitis or pink-eye is an allergy induced infection resulting in redness of eyes. The infection could                       spread from one eye to another and to others. It can be controlled by practicing hygiene but it will take a couple           of days in reducing.

  1. An overdose of alcohol could dilate the tiny blood vessels in your eyes and produce spider like formation on the eyes. You can use a good over-the-counter medicine reduce the redness.
  1. Not taking proper rest reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the eyes and lack of oxygen dilates the blood vessels and make them appear red on waking. Another reason for redness of eyes is loss of lubrication. If you keep your eyes open for a long time without blinking, the cornea would become dry for lack of lubrication and appear red.
  1. A plugged oil gland could swell and appear like a bump. The swelling would accompany sensation that will cause redness in the affected eye. The good thing is that it doesn’t require a treatment but you need to wait for the bump to dry and subside within a couple of days.
  1. If you wear contacts, you have more chances of getting bloodshot eyes. It is due to the contacts blocking the oxygen supply to eyes. It could happen if you sleep with contacts. To get rid of this problem, you need to follow the guidelines issued by contact lens makers.
  1. The red eye could be due to an injury like suconjunctival hemorrhage. The situation occurs when a blood vessel breaks and leaks blood that causes a bloody patch on the white part of the injured eye. And the bloody patch would take some time in fading.
  1. Redness in eyes is also a symptom of glaucoma that is pressure buildup on the optic nerve. It is an alarming situation that demands medical attention and proper care.