General Illness(OPD),health tips What Do Studies Say About Sauna Health Benefits?
Updated on June 6, 2019      Admin

Health benefits of sauna bathing are claimed to be beyond promoting relaxation. These specially designed high-temperature rooms have been studied many times and every study report have similar findings.

BMC Medicine, a journal, published a study conducted over 14 years on sauna users. It concluded that taking sauna bath twice or thrice in a week reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases by 25%. The study further states that spending more time (four to seven times a week) in sauna further reduces the risk to 77%.

A new study in 2018 spilled more details about sauna bathing. It was revealed that the controlled temperature and humidity in a sauna room has little to do with flushing out toxins from body. Yes, it is an added advantage but the prime effect of dry heat is on blood vessels. It exercises blood vessels that help the heart function properly.

Let’s see how sauna bathing is helpful for health

  1. According a report published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, spending at least half an hour in a sauna room brings blood pressure to normal. The report further states that sauna bathing reduces risk of cardiovascular and neuro-cognitive diseases.
  1. The research data suggests that sauna bathing improves vascular compliance that is how the blood vessels respond to changes in pressure. And it is a big factor in controlling heart ailments.
  1. Sauna bathing reduces arterial stiffness that is the prime reason for heart failures. But this statement is contradictory to common belief that says that sauna isn’t well for people with heart ailments.
  1. Improved blood flow is beneficial for all the body organs including the brain. Study on sauna bathing has revealed amazing benefits for brain. It was found that bathing in hot dry air reduces risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia considerably.
  1. A little known benefit of sauna is for those that often suffer from lung infections especially during winter months. Taking a sauna bath in the middle of winter season is good for lungs and regular visit to sauna in winters can keep you safe from common cold and even pneumonia. The sauna temperature would reduce the risk of common breathing problems.
  1. Those who are regular to sauna rooms always live in high-spirits. A sauna session would boost the release of feel-good endorphins that will litup your face and bring shine in the eyes. And when you arein a good mood, you feel happy and healthy.