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Updated on June 7, 2019      Admin

Do women experience different symptoms during heart attack? Studies on different women admitted to hospitals for heart failure paint a different picture. The studies reveal that even the indigestion could be a symptom for heart failure in women.


Here’re 8 signs for women to look for heart failure. If you experience any of these signs, you should immediately see a doctor to get help in the golden time.

  1. Women are more prone to breathing problems in comparison to men. According to a study, 42% of women brought hospitals for heart attack had shortness of breath as trigger for the attack. And the breathing problem was sudden and unprovoked.
  1. Radiating pain in upper body is a sign of imminent heart failure. Pain in teeth, jaw, neck, back, shoulder blades or arms is a sign of heart failure. It is called radiating because there are fewer nerve endings on the upper body part. The thing to see is that the pain remains on the upperbody and doesn’t shift beyond the belly button.
  1. Indigestion in women is a symptom of heart trouble. Nausea, vomiting and upset stomach like symptoms that are often related to bad eating habits but they could be due to blockage in the right coronary artery that extends to the bottom of the heart.
  1. Trouble sleeping and unexpected fatigue with not visible reason could be due to the pressure building on your heart. A study on 500 women heart patients concluded that 71% experienced fatigue one month before heart attack.
  1. Women should get alert about heart attack even when they experience flu-like symptoms. If you are feeling lazy and unwell when you don’t have flu, you should take these symptoms seriously and see a doctor immediately.
  1. Women in menopause experience cold sweats but this symptom isn’t always associated with menopause. Clammy feeling can be a sign of pressure building on your heart. It is better to get medical attention instead of fighting the cold sweat.
  1. Women should take chest pain and feeling of pressure on chest seriously. Taking these symptoms to be acidity could be harmful because these could be indications for heart failure.
  1. A failing heart could cause dizziness. Women should take the feeling of light-headedness seriously because a study on women heart patients concluded that 39% of women experienced dizziness as the problem progressed. It is better to act fast instead of feeling sorry.