COVID-19 COVID-19 Third Wave Expected Scenarios Explained by Experts
Updated on September 27, 2021      Aditi Sharma

According to Experts, the third wave of the covid-19 will not be devastating compared to the second wave. It is a big possibility that the new variant of the covid-19 will be more powerful and immune to the current vaccination. Experts have suggested that the people who have already been exposed to coronavirus and gained immunity against 8 need to follow few restrictive measures. This is much required to avoid the second wave crisis which happened all over the world.

According to various studies, around 80% of other people are now immune to the virus. This happened due to the exposure to the infection or due to vaccination. Every country is focusing on the completion of vaccination to their citizens to avoid the impact of the third wave. During the second wave, more than 60% of the cases were caused by the delta variant of the coronavirus. Experts have studied the difference between delta Plus and delta variant. The delta plus caused a sudden spike in the covid-19 infection rate.

The only way to decrease the chance of impact is to attain the immunity of the entire population. Even though experts are not completely sure that the current vaccination will protect against the third wave. Most importantly there are various variants of covid-19 vaccinations were given to people. This is one of the main reasons that actual data cannot be predicted due to the variation in vaccination. Doctors are trying to protect the infection rate of the third wave, and if it can be prevented due to the vaccination.

Every country is monitoring the situation spike rate of positive cases even after vaccination. According to Dr. Samiran Panda of ICMR, the third wave will not be devastating enough compared to 2nd wave. The current data states that India has already completed the milestone of 2.5+ Crore vaccination in a single day. According to experts, Vaccination is the only way to decrease the chance of infection. Although even after the vaccination everybody needs to continue following the Covid-19 guidelines.

Vaccination decreases the chance of covid-19 infection, but it does not prevent the virus from infecting you. According to a prediction it is expected that more than 26 lakh positive cases might cross while coronavirus is at its peak. We must learn from our mistakes made during 2nd wave and it’s better to prepare for the upcoming wave. Third-wave will equally hit in every state of India, which was way different in the 1st and 2nd waves.

Comparatively the states like Maharashtra, Kerala, and Karnataka are still observing the increase in the number of positive cases. Although most of the states have a controlled environment compared to these states. The 1st wave has been impactful for elders, 2nd the wave impacted middle age groups and kids. 3rd wave is predicted to have a strong impact on kids compared to other age groups. Kids younger than 16 years old will be at the risk of severe illness and even hospitalization in most cases.