Coronavirus facts and Statistics – Pandemic Impact

Updated on October 1, 2021      Aditi Sharma

Till now coronavirus is having a continuous impact on every country around the world. Most of the countries are facing a rise in infection rates once again from March 2021. Although most of the countries have already started vaccination and few of them have covered more than 80% of the population. This is one step ahead to start immunization to have protection against this global pandemic. Still, every person must stay protected by maintaining COVID-19 guidelines to avoid infection.

According to WHO, more than 240 million active cases have been successfully recovered around the globe. The United States of America faced most of the blow with 42 million confirmed cases followed by India with 33 million confirmed cases. Incidentally, the USA also faced a large number of deaths counting to 686,125 as of today. It is the country with the most deaths caused by the COVID-19 virus. Even due to lockdown and social distancing mental health cases are also on the rise.

Current Status of COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

Current Status of COVID-19 Vaccination Rates
Current Status of COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

According to the latest data collected, the current number of total COVID-19 vaccination have crossed 6.15 billion. WHO confirms that according to the data collected from health regulation authorities from various countries, China, India, and the USA have administered most vaccines. Vaccination rates are slowly increasing at a steady pace and it is expected to have complete vaccination worldwide soon. Reports claim that most of the wealthier countries gave secured vaccines which might have a scarce effect on poor countries. The leading coronavirus vaccines are being manufactured by Oxford AstraZeneca and Pfizer-Biotech.

Current Situation in the United States of America

Even after the 2 years passed after the first pandemic case hit the United States of America, the active cases are still on the rise. All the reports are being collected from CDC or centers for disease control. Pandemic hit hard in New York compared to other states, although currently Florida, California, and Texas are facing a rising number of infected cases. Similarly, the USA has also imposed lockdown and restriction measures just like other countries to get a grip on the pandemic situation.

According to various reports, more than 90% of the population in the USA were in-home quarantine. All the public events were being canceled and the government has even closed down the restaurants and schools. Most of the entertainment centers and malls were closed down to control the spread. Markets were opened in phases to avoid large gatherings at the same time. Lockdown decreased the number of active cases, although the economic condition of every country takes a hit at a severe level.

All thanks to health professionals and vaccination, the USA is trying its best to recover the situation. Even all the public places are being opened in phases but with proper guidelines and restrictions. The immunization drive is the best way to cope with this pandemic and return to our normal lives. Vaccination drives decreased the chance of fatal cases and recovery rates have gone higher.

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