Coronary Angioplasty How long it takes to recover after Coronary Angioplasty?
Updated on January 7, 2017      Admin

Coronary Angioplasty an invasive procedure to treat the plaque formed in coronary arteries. The procedure takes time to make the patient recovered and get back to normal health. There are many precautions that patient has to follow after the treatment is done and has to make suitable arrangements and daily routine to recover fast.

The patient may take 5-6 weeks to recover if proper health and other guidelines are followed as prescribed by the doctor. We cannot give the standard time of recovery as it depends on person to person and its health conditions and the efforts that he made to cooperate to get recover soon.

Here we have some important guidelines that person should follow to get recover at earliest:

  • Avoid Smoking: The person will be instructed to stop smoking weeks before the angioplasty. However patient should not continue with this habit once the treatment is done. The patients should make sure that he has stopped smoking at least for few months after the angioplasty and at least should try to reduce it.
  • Avoid Prohibited Drugs: There are many drugs that patient is instructed not to take as it can hamper the recovery process after the treatment. You will be given alternative drugs for the other disease that you had been taking.
  • Medicines: The doctor will give you some medicines like aspirin which is good to avoid stickiness in the blood, warfarin the drug, will be given to you that avoid blood clotting and also good maintain proper rhythm of heart beats. You will be given beta blockers as they are helpful in reducing the chance of heart attack or disease in future. If you will take the prescribed medicines on time and on regular basis then you will recover fast.
  • Do not Lift Heavy Weight: The patient will be instructed to not do exhausting physical activities and to not light heavy weight. If you will break this rule there are chances that the treatment done for coronary arteries get imbalanced and will lead to serious complications.
  • Physical Exercise: The patient will be instructed to do physical exercises which are simple and not complicated. You can do these exercises sitting in your room or the lawn and you will feel the benefit in few weeks only.
  • Breathing Exercise: Breathing exercises are extremely helpful in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Most of the heart diseases occur due to blockage in the veins and breathing exercises are extremely effective in clearing those blockages.
  • Healthy Diet: The patient should make sure that he is taking healthy diet of fiber rich food, iron rich diet and drinking lot of water. It is required to have such nutritious diet as to recover the blood loss and drainage of energy that occurred during the treatment procedure.

So, we can understand that the recovery process after coronary angioplasty is not alone dependent on the doctor but also equal cooperation is required on the part of patient.