Disadvantage and Side Effects of HIFU?

Most imperative, HIFU is not FDA endorsed. HIFU is performed without the advantage of ongoing, direct perception. Like other prostate growth medicines, for example, CyberKnife® radiation, pre-treatment from PSA testing, prostate biopsy, CT outputs, and continuous imaging are utilized by specialists to estimate the objective for the ultrasound. Tragically, the information accessible before treatment can […]

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Advantages of HIFU

Repeat treatments are possible if the cancer recurs Normal activity can be resumed within a few days No incisions are required and there is no radiation toxicity Impotence rates against other treatments are better Non-invasive treatment that allows speedy resumption of normal life HIFU prostate cancer treatment is a non-invasive treatment, meaning that no incisions are made (and […]

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Preparation of HIFU Procedure

The HIFU gadget is comprised of 2 modules – the control module which permits the doctor to arrange and oversee the electronic framework and the patient treatment module. The control display contains an automated endo-rectal test which is guided by the modernized framework. The test is mounted on a versatile support with mechanical developments that […]

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What is High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU)?

High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is another minimal invasive treatment at present being examined for its efficacy in prostate maladies. In HIFU treatment, High intensity focused ultrasound waves instigate an ascent in temperature what’s more, ensuing pulverization of the tissue being dealt with. HIFU has been explored widely in patients with generous prostatic hyperplasia and […]

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