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Avoid Doing the 20 Things to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

You have only one pair of eyes but the good thing is that you can easily take care of your eyes by following the don’ts.

Here’re the 20 don’ts that can harm your eyes either temporarily or permanently.

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There Are 20 Ways Of Controlling Hypertension Naturally

Hypertension is more a lifestyle related problem then a medical condition emerging from other factors like bacteria, virus and accidents. And this condition can be controlled by making lifestyle changes.

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What Makes Eyes Appear Red and How to Treat the Problem?

Next time you see redness in your eyes, you will take it seriously and try finding the right reason for the redness after going through the 8 reasons for redness in eyes.

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Heart Attack Signs In Women

Do women experience different symptoms during heart attack? Studies on different women admitted to hospitals for heart failure paint a different picture. The studies reveal that even the indigestion could be a symptom for heart failure in women.

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What Do Studies Say About Sauna Health Benefits?

Health benefits of sauna bathing are claimed to be beyond promoting relaxation. These specially designed high-temperature rooms have been studied many times and every study report have similar findings. BMC Medicine, a journal, published a study conducted over 14 years on sauna users. It concluded that taking sauna bath twice or thrice in a week […]

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