Cardio 17 Bad Habits You Should Drop For The Sake Of Your Heart
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I’m good because I don’t smoke. Smoking is injurious to health especially to heart but there are many bad habits that are more harmful for your heart.

Here are 17 worst habits other than smoking that can trigger a heart attack

  1. Sitting for long hoursincreases level of sugar and fat in the blood resulting in heart stroke. You should find moments to walk between work.
  1. Stress, if internalized, puts unnecessary pressure on heart. The best way to handle stress is to be social and discuss your problems with others.
  1. Snoring is more related to heart than sleep. If you have sleep apnea and you feel tired on waking up, you need to visit a doctor.
  1. Gum problems could also lead to heart failure. It could be a rare connection but you shouldn’t take chances with your heart and floss after every meal.
  1. People with firm family roots and social circle are less prone to heart problems than those that live in seclusion.
  1. If you work five days and exercise heavily on weekends then you are doing no good to your heart. You should go slow with exercises and remains steady.
  1. Developing an addiction for alcohol is bad for your heart.
  1. Overeating is a bad habit because it leads to obesity that results in heart attack.
  1. Red meat contains saturated fat that creates conditions for cardiovascular diseases. It should be eaten occasionally.
  1. Sugar, fat and oil are called empty calories and for this reason the food that contains any of these items must be avoided.
  1. Avoiding juicy fruits and green vegetables would inch you closer to the risk of heart disease. You should increase plant-based diet to live healthier.
  1. Salt improves taste but it can increase your blood pressure in the long run.
  1. If you take meds for any diseases, you should be punctual at taking meds.
  1. You don’t smoke but it hardly matters if you live with a smoker. It is called passive smoking and it is as injurious as smoking is.
  1. Assuming you aren’t at risk of developing a heart problem would make you self-complacent leading to overlooking the red flags.
  1. Difficulty with breathing after climbing stairs or walking even a few steps is a red flag that you need to see a doctor.
  1. Never be a health procrastinator especially in advance age when you are more likely to get a heart attack in comparison to youngsters.
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