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Avoid Doing the 20 Things to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Updated on June 14, 2019      Admin

You have only one pair of eyes but the good thing is that you can easily take care of your eyes by following the don’ts.

Here’re the 20 don’ts that can harm your eyes either temporarily or permanently.

  1. Never skip your sunglasses even when you wear prescription glasses when going out in the sun. Exposure to UV rays could lead to vision loss gradually.
  1. Working continuously for two hours is punishing for your eyes. You must take a 15-minute break after every two hours of working.
  1. Wash your hands or least use a good quality hand sanitizer before rubbing your eyes. But you should avoid rubbing the eyes because it could cause problems like pink eye and thinning of cornea.
  1. Never apply your liner to waterline in the eye. It can transfer bacteria to your eyes and cause infection.
  1. If you get a bump on your eye, remove it with the help of a warm, damp wash cloth and not with a pin.
  1. Avoid wearing makeup that has completed its shelf-life
  2. Don’t forget taking proper nutrition for the sake of your eyes. Problems like macular degeneration can be checked with supplement.
  1. Stop smoking, if you do because it can cause vision problems in the advance age.
  1. Never leave your eyes unprotected whether you are working on computer, cleaning home or driving.
  1. Stop leading a lazy lifestyle as it can rob your eyes of the blood-flow they need to stay healthy.
  1. Never let heating and cooling systems dry your eyes out. Eyes have to remain moist all the time.
  1. Never sleep in contacts because the lenses can block oxygen supply to cornea.
  1. Never use over-the-counter eye drops because they could rebound resulting in more harm than good.

14.Working or reading in dim light is punishing for eyes. Always work and read in properly lit environment.

  1. Don’t swim in contacts without wearing tight fitting swimming goggles that can prevent waterborne bacteria and parasites from infecting your eyes.
  1. Never try tattooing your eyeball. The Canadian model who tattooed her eye balls purple got a nasty infection in her eyes.
  1. Never shave your eyelids. You could end up injuring your eyes.
  1. Avoid wearing decorative contact lenses even for Halloween because the lens can damage your cornea.
  1. Never open your eyes when swimming underwater in a chlorinated pool.