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How to recognize the symptoms of breast cancer ?

The look and feel of breast health are very significant. It is important to take the regular screening test of breast cancer and even, the number of times the mammogram is not able to find cancer in the breast. So, you have to notice all the changes in the health of breast and also aware […]

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Clinical BP Measurement: You Could be Missed Diagnosed or Missed Diagnosis For Hypertension

Are you being diagnosed of hypertension? If yes, then you could be missed diagnosed. A study related to blood pressure found that nearly 42% Indians are either wrongly diagnosed for BP and prescribed medicines or not diagnosed and living with hypertension without treatment.

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What Should You Know About Your Sleep Cycle and Sleeping Position?

How much sleep do you take in a day? Some people feel fresh even after taking 5 to 6 hours but some need up to 8 hours of sleep and some people require more than 8 hours sleep.

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Do I Need Prescription Drugs For Common Cold?

Don’t go out, you’ll catch a cold….

Come winter and mothers start alerting their kids about a common winter problem called Common Cold.

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5 Tips To Stay Healthy In Changing Weather Conditions—

Cold, cough, headache, joint pain, backache and allergies could be related to a change in weather conditions like cool stormy days and warm nights. But people seem to be little bothered about these health issues because there are quick medicines to help.

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